Flute and sax player Miho Wada performs jubilant original jazz tunes, fusing her distinctive pan-pacific flavour with Japanese pop, contemporary jazz, and irresistibly feel-good dance-happy grooves!

Arts on Tour 2015

Happy New Year Everyone!  We are happy to announce that Miho’s Jazz Orchestra has been selected as one of ten acts to be touring nationwide for the Creative New Zealand funded ”Arts on Tour” this year!  We are now back from our summer tour and currently recording a new album.  It will be released later this year just in time for our exciting national tour.  We will be performing at places we have never visited before!  We are super excited!!  We wish you all a great year and hope to see you soon at one of our gigs!!

MJO Live @ The Lab

Miho’s Jazz Orchestra are excited to announce the release of “MJO Live @ The Lab” CD & DVD set!  The ultimate answer to their fans’ growing demands for a live album, Miho’s Jazz Orchestra has recorded and filmed an intimate concert at the Lab Recording Studios.  MJO’s fun-loving energy spills over in this feel-good album!  Also available from Marbecks Records Shop.

Memphis Dreamin’

Miho is back from her incredible musical journey to the US.  Writing, learning, performing and recording with amazing artists in New Orleans, Memphis and Nashiville.  One of the highlights was of course the recording session at the legendary Sun Studio!!   New EP Memphis Dreamin’ is her musical souvenir to you all.  Also available from the Realgroovy Record Store.  Enjoy!

Mystery Banana Charted #13

Our brand new album “Mystery Banana” has entered the official NZ album chart at #13 in its first week of release!  Then at #19 in the following week!  What fantastic news to cap off our incredible week with sold-out tour including the Waiheke International Jazz Festival and the official album launch concert at the Tauranga National Jazz Festival during Easter weekend.  ”Mystery Banana” was recorded in Tokyo, Auckland and London, so come along with us as we take you across the globe on an MJO musical journey.  Thank you all SO much for your continuous support, we couldn’t do this without you!  Album also available from the Realgroovy Record Store in Auckland.

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EXIT 621 Album Success!

“EXIT 621″ has made a surprise entry onto the NZ official album sales chart ranking #19 in its first week of release (May 2013) and again at #18 in the New Year (Jan 2014) thanks to our ever-growing fan base and fantastic touring team.  Enter a new dimension in the world of jazz and experience eight instrumental tracks exploring Miho’s globe-trotting creative background in punk-ska, contemporary classical and world music.  This energetic fun packed instrumental album will take you on a very special musical journey!