Flute and sax player Miho Wada performs jubilant original jazz tunes, fusing her distinctive pan-pacific flavour with Japanese pop, contemporary jazz, and irresistibly feel-good dance-happy grooves!

“Bumpy Road” Charted Top 10 NZ Album!

Big news everyone, our new album “Bumpy Road” has charted top 10 on the Official NZ Album Chart this Easter!  Thanks heaps for all your support!!

NZ Top 10

“Bumpy Road” NZ Top 20 for 5 Weeks!

Thank you so much everyone for coming to our shows!  We had an incredible 5 week – 25 date National Tour on Arts on Tour NZ.  It was a massively successful tour and we even had our “Bumpy Road” album charted within top 20 of the official NZ Album Chart for 5 consecutive weeks too!  Huge thanks to everyone involved in making this magic happen.  Hope to see you again soon!!

Listen to MJO on Air New Zealand!

We are excited to announce that “MJO Live at the Lab” album is available for your enjoyment on Air New Zealand inflight entertainment!!  Please check us out if you are flying Air NZ this Easter!

The “MJO Live at the Lab” was the ultimate answer to their fans’ growing demands for a live album, Miho’s Jazz Orchestra has recorded and filmed an intimate concert at the Lab Recording Studios.  MJO’s fun-loving energy spills over in this feel-good album!  It’s also available for purchase from the Marbecks Records Shop.

Memphis Dreamin’

Miho is back from her incredible musical journey to the US.  Writing, learning, performing and recording with amazing artists in New Orleans, Memphis and Nashiville.  One of the highlights was of course the recording session at the legendary Sun Studio!!   New EP Memphis Dreamin’ is her musical souvenir to you all.  Enjoy!

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